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2004 Writers' Forum
Roberta Olson

Roberta Olson is the author of the chapbook All These Fair and Flagrant Things, published by etherdome press in Oakland, CA. Her poetry has also appeared in numerous publications including Talisman, Untitled, Facture, Bird Dog and Monkey Puzzle. Her work has been anthologized in Cross Cut Anthology and Steaming Light, a Raven Chronicles supplementary issue. In March 2004 she has been invited to appear in "The Imaginal in the Present and the Future: a Weekend of Surrealism," at Beyond Baroque in Los Angeles.
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roberta olson
Conversation with Curator Belle Randall
In this interview, recorded March 5, 2004, Roberta and Belle discuss collage, composition, influences, form, performance, visual art, sound sense, inspiration, and more.
Listen to an excerpt of Roberta's reading (MP3)
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Some Uncommon Delights

No matter how ugly the heirloom
Hold finger puppets they are a testament
to the small feather tree where they lifted her veil
Pat shows off her snowmen to a native of Germany
and cautions a Mozart-singing former trolley
on the dismal fortunes of a Karaoke singer
Kayakers can now enjoy a new water park
as well as games, dancing and bullfights
Miles of rope hundreds of saddles
Thrown into a maze of cells Pat stumbles
to her feet and says a name with seven letters
this hardy adaptable grape masks her desperation
She broke her foot parading through the fields
and left a trail of footprints across
the American Heritage Center
with this wall-mounted dartboard
I rode past destruction
in a roundabout way
Complemented by a little spice
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