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2004 Writers' Forum
Martin Marriott

Martin Marriott is a surrealist who votes for the unconscious, the unreal, the unfettered human imagination, the release of energy. Martin says, "I believe in Truth and Beauty and Love. I believe that we are capable of overthrowing capitalism." He welcomes your e-mail at marriott_martin@hotmail.com.
Conversation with Curator Belle Randall
In this interview, recorded March 5, 2004, Martin and Belle discuss the avant-garde and surrealism, inspiration, politics and art, the writing community, music, visual art, improvisation, teaching, and more.
Listen to an excerpt of Martin's reading (MP3)
1:17 / 780 K
Wednesday Morning, Waterloo Bridge

The frog-fern-emu which is crossdressing in thunderbird yellow
Or sleeps with one eye open
In the stolen vault
Where all his hands are full of
Melancholy pivot
Mistletoe’d pantry
Scoops lumps of heart from the train-wreck
And mails them to an understudy in Eygpt
What of it?
That was before aluminum signed on the dole
And horses made of biscuits trampled the egg
Into a million pieces that flew to Argentina
And became white roses melting out of a wall

Weasels dance a waltz in their pyjamas
Silent knife, holy knife
.....birds demand the table
The cracks in the sidewalk announce an army is approaching
Whose smiles are the leftover crusts of a black lemon
In a house whose stilts are wet with moss
In a December in love with itself
The London cops are machine-guns
The London working-class is a cellphone
War-breeze topples a hoop-filled chair
I am scrambling over mountains to reach you

A man wearing a trench-coat of meadow grass
Causes a slight turning of heads
I am in your parallel sky
It is raining oranges
It is drizzling snot
I am happy as handcuffs
I am staring through London’s eye

A boat carves your name
Until the river Thames gets hiccups
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