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2004 Writers' Forum
Janée J. Baugher

Janée J. Baugher holds a B.S. in Anatomy/Physiology and Chemistry from Boston University and an M.F.A. in Poetry from Eastern Washington University in Cheney. She has read at ArtsEdge and Bumbershoot, and her poems have appeared in Rattle, Ekphrasis, Art Access, Synapse, and elsewhere. During the academic year, she teaches Writing Poetry at the UW’s Experimental College and freelances as a book reviewer and editor. Her summers are spent in Michigan teaching Poetry and Fiction at Interlochen Center for the Arts. A dance based on her poem, "Ballet of the Woodpeckers," will be presented at the University of Cincinnati in May 2004. Janée’s first collection of ekphrastic poems, Coordinates of Yes, is available through interlibrary loan from EWU. The poems included in Volume 8 of the Jack Straw Writers Anthology have been excerpted from her second collection, Distinguishing Dusk from Dawn.
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janée j. baugher
Listen to an excerpt of Janée's reading (MP3)
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Conversation with Curator Belle Randall
In this interview, recorded March 5, 2004, Janée and Belle discuss visual art, collaboration, character, genres, inspiration, writing in the day-to-day, and more.
The Empire of Light, 1953
– painting by René Magritte (1898-1967)
At the top of the canvas, a new-blue sky,
stratus clouds aligned one next to another.
Jutting into sky’s day, a tree’s stoic silhouette.
Below, a gabled three-storey home in the grave of night.
Night: when trees hide prey, children dream in secret color,
and parents whisper to each other over a candle’s glow.
Outside, the streetlamp throws
light on the meteorite
languishing on the sunless lawn.
. . .
In the home of our bright bodies
the mind can summon
a dark which seeks light, a day its black.
A candle burned inside a room never holds,
the wick’s mulish or the wax ornery
but a few feet away is light
a light that is never too far away
for us
to receive.
To read more work from the 2004 Jack Straw Writers Program, contact Jack Straw Productions to purchase a copy of Volume 8 of The Jack Straw Writers Anthology.

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