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2004 Writers' Forum
Donald Kentop

Don Kentop was born and raised in New York City, graduated from New York University and has a Masters Degree in the teaching of history from Columbia University. Don has returned to writing poetry after many years in business and as a certified chemical dependency counselor. Once a lyricist, and still a member of ASCAP, he is also a stone carver. Don has appeared at the Frye Art Museum with Poets West. Rose Alley Press will publish On Paper Wings, a collection of his work, in the spring of 2004. Don lives in Ballard with his wife Carol.
photo credit: dean wong
Interview with Curator Belle Randall
In this interview, recorded March 4, 2004, Donald and Belle discuss form, influences, music, inspiration, craft, politcs, sound sense, healing, and more.
Listen to an excerpt of Donald's reading (MP3)
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Adam's Awe

Now, with the rupture of his side
the undifferentiated
soul is rended from its union
made to face a separate beauty.

Awakened by the second-born,
reality triangulates
and consciousness is atomized.
Love, scattered in the world, is lost

between multiplicities and
only known by inferences
and circumstantial evidence
like planets do bending starlight.

You and I, made up more by space
than substance, what chance do we have
next to Adam's stunned awareness?
The wonder is we love at all.
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