About the Jack Straw New Media Gallery

The Jack Straw New Media Gallery opened in 1999 to support artists working with visual and installation art, with an emphasis on sound. The Gallery is one feature of the New Media Gallery Program, and is one of three residency programs at Jack Straw. The New Media Gallery exhibits artists' work through an open call process like the Artist Support Program and Writers Program. As one of a handful of exclusively sound art spaces in the world, it has been attracting applicants nationally and internationally, however Jack Straw has a commitment to local artists. Local artists who have exhibited recently include Brent Watanabe (2010); Steve Peters (2010/2013); Robert Millis (2011); Ellen Sollod and Johanna Melamed (2012); Ruth Marie Tomlinson (2013); Etsuko Ichikawa (2014); Zack Bent (2014); and Carolyn Law (2015).

Gallery residencies include an exhibition of up to three months in the gallery; 20 hours of studio assistance with one of our engineers; access to Jack Straw Cultural Center's audio recording, production, and presentation equipment; two public events - the opening and an artist talk; and an interview podcast. This residency is for exhibiting and performing artists in any medium who would like to incorporate sound into their work. Other previous gallery artists include Jim Hobbs, Stelios Manousakis, Yann Novak, Steve Roden, Jason KahnJoe Colley, David Kwan, Richard Lerman, Kichul Kim, and Joe Diebes. See below for a complete list of exhibitions.

Jack Straw New Media Gallery Podcasts

Jack Straw staff interview each resident artist in our New Media Gallery program and create a podcast featuring their thoughts on the piece and its development, as well as sounds from each installation. Stream or download the podcasts below, and get new installments by subscribing to our Artist of the Week Podcast via rss or itunes.

New Media Gallery Information sheet, floor & ceiling plans (PDF)

Previous Exhibitions

View archived pages of the Jack Straw New Media Gallery, as well as artists' documentation:

to drown by L Koo

Brain Goreng, an installation of paintings and audio by Matthew Thomas Shoemaker

blind film by Sangjun Yoo

Mikawa by Garrett Fisher and Tori Ellison

The New Landscape: Reconstructed Ecologies by Roger Feldman and Jeff Roberts

Meditations on Water by City Meditation Crew with Vaughn Bell

Forgetting of Being by Rachel Green and Daniel Salo


AUTONOMIC by Paul Kikuchi

Obiectum Resonare by James Borchers

luminous soundscape by Andy Behrle

Extraordinary Ordinary People: American Masters of Traditional Arts

UGLY ME by Gabriela Denise Frank

Those Who Observe the Wind . . . by Joel Ong


Six Sounds by students at Cornish College of the Arts

Lean-out, Lean-to by Zack Bent

(The) Nature (of) Sound by S. Eric Scribner

Thermal Dynamics by Brandon Aleson and Adam Primack

Hypnagogic Jerk by Rachel Green and Seth Sexton

Echo at Satsop by Etsuko Ichikawa

Art to Art by Srivani Jade and Annette Solys

Lições dos Antepassados (Lessons from the Ancestors) by Steve Peters

Elements by Robert Blatt

I Love You, But You're Too Loud! by meadow starts with p

Lost Long: a landscape by Ruth Marie Tomlinson

Signal to Noise: Imagined Frequencies of Radiophonic Space by Amber Cortes, Winter 2013

Outside In/Inside Out: The Inner Life of Jack by Ellen Sollod and Johanna Melamed, Summer 2012

CARTASONIC by Perri Lynch, Lara Swimmer, and Robert Zimmer, Spring 2012

Blue.Hour by Yann Novak, Winter 2012

The Network Is a Blind Space by Stelios Manousakis, Winter 2011/2012

Mother May I: Work in Progress Phase I by Beth Fleenor, Fall 2011

Voices & Images from Bulgaria by Martin Koenig, Fall 2011

Talking to Ghosts: Waiting in the River between Worlds by Nari Baker, Summer 2011

Sympatico by Carlisle Roveto, Spring 2011

Fragments of the Story by Robert Millis, Winter/Spring 2011

A CLEAR DAY AND NO MEMORIES by Jim Hobbs and Kinski, Winter 2010/2011

Chamber Music by Steve Peters, Fall 2010

Thinking Caps by Vaughn Bell, Summer 2010

This Old Piano by Tiffany Lin, Spring 2010

Metaphors for Dead Pianos by Hugo Solis, Winter 2010

So Long by Brent Watanabe, Fall 2009

Felt by Gust Burns & Melanie Noel, Summer 2009

Vriti by Joel S. Kollin, Spring 2009

Still Point by Heather Dew Oaksen, Winter 2008-09

Kidnapping Water: Bottled Operas by Byron Au Yong & Randy Moss, Autumn 2008

Resonances by Dorsey Dunn, Spring 2008

Wires by Jason Kahn, Winter 2008

Every Island Fled Away and the Mountains Could Not be Found by Jim Haynes, Fall 2007

Catalyst by Paul Rucker, Spring-Summer 2007

Terminus by David Kwan, Winter-Spring 2007

Lonely Microphone by Joe Colley, Winter 2006

Huldre by S. Lyn Goeringer, Fall 2006

Rapport by Kichul Kim, Summer 2006

Fences-Borders by Richard Lerman, Spring 2006

Archival Investigations by Trimpin, Winter 2006 (Seattle PI story)

Maps & Legends by Tania Kupczak, Fall 2005

The Four Dignities by Rene Yung & Janice Giteck, Summer 2005

Organic Plan by Kristin Tollefson, Spring 2005

String Quartet #2 by Joe Diebes, Winter 2005

YIJU: songs of dislocation (blog) by Byron Au Yong, Fall/Winter 2004

Untitled by Iole Alessandrini, Summer/Fall 2004 ~ JSP Archive

dislocator by Randy Moss, Spring 2004

Searching for a Quiet Place: Turnbull Bay by Jesse Paul Miller, Winter 2003/04

Precisely Known, Completely Lost by Perri Lynch, Fall 2003

Chamber Music by Steve Roden, Summer 2003

Klavier Nonette by Trimpin, Spring 2003

Revisiting September 11, 19[72] by Mark Polishook & Lisa Hutton

Perfect Pitch by Jim Pridgeon, Summer 2002

and there was concrete skin for your face by Maureen Whiting, Spring 2002

7Ply - Plywood and Memory by Don Fels, Winter 2001/02

Soundescapes by Matthew Bauer

Salmon Song by Jim Pridgeon, Summer 2001

Heard Said by Stuart Keeler, Spring 2001

Uroborous - Light and Sound by Bret Battey, Fall 2000

Dream Time Pieces by Stuart Dempster and Renko Ishida Dempster, Spring 2000

Nearly Seen, Closely Heard by Susie Kozawa and Jesse Minkert, Winter 1999/2000

About Jack Straw Artist Residencies

Jack Straw Cultural Center focuses on annual artist residencies through our Artist Support Program, our Writers Program, and New Media Gallery Residency Program. These programs offer established and emerging artists an opportunity to explore the creative use of sound in a professional atmosphere through residencies in our recording studios and participation in our various presentation programs. Proposals are reviewed by an interdisciplinary peer panel (Artist Support and New Media Gallery programs) or Curator (Writers Program).

Jack Straw Cultural Center gratefully acknowledges the support from ArtsFund, the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture, 4Culture King County Lodging Tax Fund, the Washington State Arts Commission, the National Endowment for the Arts, and our individual contributors for their vital support of our programs and services.

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Talking to Ghosts: Waiting in the River between Worlds (2012), an interactive sound installation by Nari Baker. Listen to our interview with Nari Baker.
Outside In/Inside Out: The inner life of Jack (2012), a camera obscura with soundscape, by Ellen Sollod and Johanna Melamed. Listen to our interview with the artists.
Still from TERMINUS (2007), 4-channel video and audio installation by David Kwan.
Untitled (2004), room installation for lasers and sound, by Iole Alesandrini.
Wires (2008), an 8-channel sound installation for tin cans, piezo loudspeakers, and steel wires, by Jason Kahn. Listen to our interview with Jason Kahn.