Jack Straw New Media Gallery

Outside In/Inside Out:
The Inner Life of Jack

An installation by Ellen Sollod
Sound score by Johanna Melamed in collaboration with Ellen Sollod

June 22 - August 24, 2012

Gallery Opening: Friday, June 22, 6pm
Artist Talk: Friday, July 27, 6pm

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4261 Roosevelt Way NE
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Click the play button above to listen to an interview with Ellen Sollod and Johanna Melamed about the installation. Click here to download the interview.

Click the play button above to listen to the installation's sound score. Click here to download it.

Outside In/ Inside Out: the inner life of Jack is an installation that employs a camera obscura and sound score to create an immersive experience, evoking the essence of Jack Straw Productions on its 50th anniversary. Jack Straw exists in a physical space; but, to much of its audience, it is in the ephemeral ether of the airwaves– primarily the radio or the internet. To its listeners, the relationship to the building is irrelevant. To artists, writers, musicians, and others who create work here, it is the place that is central. The camera obscura and the sound score represent this dichotomy: Jack Straw reaching out into the world and the world coming to Jack Straw, simultaneously. The score is a compilation of found sounds, field recordings made in situ, archival material from KRAB, and contemporary recordings made at Jack Straw. Together, the visual and audio weave a web of experience, ultimately aligning the two worlds.

Ellen Sollod is a multidisciplinary artist who creates large scale site specific public art and intimate works for an audience of one. Her interest in perception-visual and aural- led her to alternative photography, anachronistic methods of capturing imagery, and audio recording. She began experimenting with sound in 2003, gathering and altering field recordings as components of art installations.

Johanna Melamed has designed sound for several Seattle theater companies including ArtsWest, ReAct and Balagan, as well as creating multiple sound scores for visual and media artist Barbara Robertson.

Blind Youth Audio Project 2011: Which Is True? PSA
Lora Chiora-Dye and Sukutai: Chemtengure (from Safarini in Transit: Music of African Immigrants)* 2000
Ellen Sollod: Field recording, Jack Straw studio ("photography of sound") 2012
Reptet: Agendacide* 2009
Kay Hutchins: How to Survive an Atomic Bomb (KRAB Radio archive) 1983
William O. Smith & Jesse Canterbury: Variants for Two Clarinets - VI. Angry* 2007
Fern Cades: A Bagel Is a Bagel (KRAB Radio archive) 1970
Frank Ulwenya And Afrisound: Safarini, (from Safarini in Transit: Music of African Immigrants)* 2000
Ellen Sollod: Field recording, Jack Straw studio ("get somebody young") 2012
Kofi Anang - Ko (from Safarini in Transit: Music of African Immigrants)* 2000
Marcia Black: Seattle Trees–Their History and Future "Growth" (KRAB Radio archive) 1983
St. Helens Quartet: 8 Reflections on 'Swing Low' by Ken Benshoof* 2009
*Jack Straw Artist Support Program

Jack Straw Productions gratefully acknowledges The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, City of Seattle’s Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs, 4Culture King County Lodging Tax Fund, Washington State Arts Commission, National Endowment for the Arts, PONCHO, ArtsFund, and individual contributors for their support of Jack Straw Artist Programs.


Jack Straw New Media Gallery Events

Friday, June 22, 6pm
Outside In/Inside Out: Opening Reception

Friday, July 27, 6pm
Outside In/Inside Out: Artist Talk



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