Jack Straw New Media Gallery

Thermal Dynamics
A multi-media installation by Brandon Aleson and Adam Primack

June 13 - August 8, 2014

Opening Reception: Friday, July 13, 7pm

Artist Talk: Friday, August 1, 7pm

Jack Straw New Media Gallery
4261 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle 98105

Click the play button above to listen to our interview with Brandon. Click here to download the interview.

What does it mean to eat some thing? What happens in the digestive action when one object is subsumed and incorporated into another? Utilizing interactive sound, realtime imaging, and heat, the physicality of hunger and its inverse - to be sated, to become something else through the internal assimilation of an external object - is extrapolated beyond the guttural realm, wrenched out of its gastric cocoon and transposed onto the Jack Straw New Media Gallery by resident artists Brandon Aleson and Adam Primack.

Originally from the greater Los Angeles area, Brandon Aleson relocated to Seattle shortly after finishing undergrad at UC Santa Barbara. Using sound, image, and food (gustation) as means of intervention, he has recently been examining the unintentional and deliberate transference of personality onto inanimate objects, and attempting to elongate and bring into focus the liminal space of change as represented by the alchemical properties of ingestion.

Adam Primack is a Southern California native who hails from Claremont, CA. A graduate of UC Santa Barbara and Vancouver Film School's Sound Design for Visual Medium program, Adam has been a sound engineer for the past 4 years and is passionate about all things audio-related.  His mission is to create and assist the narrative in any medium with unique and immersive sound design. Jack Straw is his first involvement in a studio project - a venture he's thrilled to be a part of. Adam is currently an assistant Re-Recording Mixer at Lime Studios in Santa Monica, CA. He is also a freelance sound editor and sound designer, whose work can be heard in video games (Activision's Skywalkers:Giants) and commercials (Legos: Storybuilders).

Thermal Dynamics Document from Brandon Aleson on Vimeo.

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New Media Gallery Events:

Brandon Aleson & Adam Primack: Thermal Dynamics
June 13 - August 8, 2014

Artist Events:

Friday, July 13, 7pm: Opening Reception

Friday, August 1, 7pm: Artist Talk


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