2021 Spring Workshops

Special Covid 19 reduced rates!

Jack Straw's professional audio workshops are the perfect opportunity to improve your studio skills or get that first hands on introduction to the world of audio recording and editing.

All classes are now at a special Covid 19 reduced rate for members and non-members alike.

All classes take place online via Zoom (Field Recording includes an outdoor recording exercise). Class invitation will be sent one day prior.

To sign up or for more information, email workshops@jackstraw.org.

Vocal Training for Writers Sunday, May 23, 11am-12:30pm
  Thursday, June 10, 7-8:30pm
Intro to Podcasting Tuesdays, May 18 and 25, 6-9pm

Intro to Digital Audio Editing

Tuesday, June 8, 6-9pm
Microphone Workshop Friday, June 18, 6-9pm
Basic Field Recording Saturday, June 19, 9:30am-4:30pm
Instructor Bio


Vocal Training for Writers
Sunday, May 23, 11am-12:30pm
or Thursday, June 10 7-8:30pm
Fee: $25 (limit 6 per class)

Instructor: Alyssa Keene

Help your words come off the page clearly, dynamically, and authentically. Working with a vocal coach, students will first get comfortable using a microphone for studio recordings and live readings. Next, they'll practice reading material and learn tips for scoring their text and using their voices in a way that helps their stories come to life. This ninety minute session will be audio and video recorded for students' use.



Intro to Podcasting
Tuesdays, May 18 and 25, 6-9pm

Fee: $100 (Limit 6)
Instructor: Tom Stiles

Over two sessions, learn the basics of creating and maintaining a podcast, from concept to planning to production to distribution. We will focus especially on tools for capturing and producing quality audio recordings on a budget. No previous audio production experience necessary, but we will also accomodate those who have begun and want help.
Session 1 - What Goes In
Session 2 - It Must Come Out!

Intro to Digital Audio Editing
Tuesday, June 8, 6-9pm
Fee: $50 (Limit 6)

Instructor: Tom Stiles

Learn the basic skills of recording and editing sound with audio editing software. We'll learn two different programs, both free or affordable, and see the advantages and disadvantages of each. Audacity is open-source free-download software used for audio and video production; GarageBand is a very affordable recording and music production program from Apple. Learn to record, edit, and process sounds in each environment, for interview, story, video, and music applications. Followup intensive instruction available also.

Microphone Workshop
Friday, June 18, 6-9pm
Fee: $50 (Limit 10)
Instructor: Tom Stiles

This class is held remotely via Zoom, with a musician live in the studio for demonstrations with the instructor. A detailed look at microphone types, pickup patterns, placement and use, both for live and studio applications. Students participate in extensive listening and recording exercises with live music. All experience levels are welcome; we'll cover some basics of theory and history but mostly be engaged in interactive mic use and comparison.

Basic Field Recording
Saturday, June 19, 9:30am-4:30pm

Fee: $100 (Limit 6)
Instructor: Tom Stiles

Learn techniques for high quality field recording of music, ambience, sound effects, and voice with portable equipment. Useful for musicians, podcasters, writers, video creators, and sound artists. Students will practice field recording, listen and evaluate recordings, and consider next steps.

Note: in the current format for this workshop, initial instruction and closing discussion will take place online via Zoom meeting. Students will be invited to an outdoor field recording exercise between online sessions, with equipment provided. Students may choose to record on their own at another location instead.



Instructor Bios

Alyssa Keene is an actor, voice and dialect coach, and teaching artist who has been working with Jack Straw Cultural Center for over a decade. She has coached and acted with Seattle Repertory Theatre, Intiman Theatre, ACT, 5th Avenue Theater, Sound Theatre Co., Strawberry Theatre Workshop, Seattle Shakespeare Co., Village Theatre, Book-It Repertory, and many of Seattle's fringe theaters. Alyssa is a Mazen Award winner with the 14/48 Projects and has been featured in Encore Magazine and ArtZone. She is also an affiliate artist at Seattle Children's Theatre and a member of the faculty at Seattle Film Institute and Freehold Theatre Lab.

Tom Stiles specializes in live performance sound and recording, and he has worked with hundreds of performers from around the world in concert, festival, and studio settings. He has used the Pro Tools digital audio system for recording, editing, and sound design since 1993, and taught classes in Pro Tools since 1996. Tom is a member of the Audio Engineering Society.


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