Studio Recording and Audio Production Services

Jack Straw Cultural Center, located in Seattle's University District, is the Northwest's only non-profit multidisciplinary audio arts center. A community-based resource since 1962, we provide a production facility that is unlike any other in the region for local artists who work creatively with sound. Jack Straw focuses on annual artist residencies through our Artist Support Program, our Writers Program, and our Gallery Residency Program; art and technology education for all ages; arts heritage partnerships; and radio production. In addition to these programs, Jack Straw is available to the community as a full service recording studio and audio production facility.

The rates for studio services with a staff engineer are $45 per hour with a $35.00 annual membership contribution, and $55 per hour without a membership. Rates do not include media such as CDs or DVDs. We do not provide duplication services.

Recording Studios

Studio One
This studio measures 26' by 23' with 13' of loft. An amp isolation booth and 15' by 11' isolation room are available with this space. Studio One is ideal for acoustic music as well as high sound pressure situations. The room has accomodated choirs, big bands, chamber groups, string bands, jazz and rock bands. A well-maintained Steinway B grand piano is always available in Studio One. See some of the artists we've worked with here.

Studio Two
This studio measures 15' by 11' with 13' of loft. Ideal for spoken word artists, voiceovers, narration, interviews and soloists. It also is wired as an isolation booth, with sight lines to Studio One.

Studio Equipment

Jack Straw maintains an equipment inventory that is well suited to acoustic ensembles, soloists, and unique situations that require the ideal gear to capture the sound. We are a Pro Tools facility. Both studios have current versions of this leading digital audio software/hardware. Studio 1 is an HD3 accel system with two 192 io's on an Intel PowerMac G5.  A full complement of software plug-ins are available. We have an excellent selection of microphones numbering over 100, featuring ribbons, high-end condensers and some wonderful dynamic mics. Mic preamps by Drawmer, Amek, UA, Crane Song, Focusrite, DBX, Aphex and 16 channels of Manley Labs class A pre's. We mix down through a Manley tube mix-bus and Apogee converters.  Call for more details.

We also provide the following services

  • Pristine Live-to-2 Track recording: Take advatage of our array of pre-amps and effects, Vacuum tube bussing, and pristine Analog-Digital conversion to create an unparalleled live-mixed master
  • Digital multitrack recording
  • Direct-to-DAT or CD recording
  • Audio preparation for CD-ROM and the internet
  • Dubs to and from cassette, DAT, CD, vinyl (33/45/78), 1/4" tape and various multitrack formats in small quantities.
  • Use of studio space for artists' presentations, rehearsal and small performances
  • Use of large library of sound effects on compact disc
  • Telephone equipment for high-quality recordings of phone conversations or call-in interviews.
  • Remote recording to ProTools Hard Drive or CD (cost includes travel time)
  • Training programs in audio production

Studio Policies

  • Sessions must be scheduled in advance. No drop-in services.
  • We recommend that you call 2-4 weeks in advance to book a voice recording session, and 6-8 weeks for music recording sessions.
  • Acceptable methods of payment: Mastercard, Visa, personal check, cash.
  • Payments must be made immediately following each session unless other arrangements have been made.
  • 24-Hour Cancellation Policy: Client is responsible for the first hour of the scheduled recording time if the session is not cancelled within 24 hours of the start of the session.
  • CDRs and DVDs can be purchased directly from Jack Straw. If client provides tape materials, Jack Straw is not responsible for results.
  • Sessions are billed as a minimum of one hour, and in 1/2-hour increments thereafter.

For more information or to schedule a studio session, please call (206) 634-0919.


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