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Remembering Kim-An Lieberman


Seattle lost a unique voice - and we lost a friend - when poet and 2009 Jack Straw Writer Kim-An Lieberman passed away in December 2013. On May 4, 2014 we gathered to celebrate her life and work, and the publication of In Orbit, her final collection of poems, published by Blue Begonia Press.

Kim-An's poems were read by fellow poets and friends including 2009 Jack Straw Writers program curator Donna Miscolta and Kim-An's fellow Jack Straw Writers Anna Balint, Rachel Dilworth, Alma Garcia, Laura Hirschfield, Priscilla Long, and Storme Webber; Dan Peters and Terry Martin from Blue Begonia Press; Paul Constant; Brian Culhane; Kathleen Flenniken; and Alan Lau. You can stream or download the audio from this event below.

May 4, 2014 audio:

Joan Rabinowitz: Introduction

Terry Martin: Opening Remarks, "Lunch Date with My Younger Self" / "Eyes to the Earth"

Donna Miscolta: "Secondhand" / "Ant Explains Itself"

Anna Balint: "More Moon" / "Returning to the Children after a Week Away"

Priscilla Long: "The Last Territory" / "Coda"

Laura Hirschfield: "The Immigrant Gardens" / "Double Helix"

Alma Garcia: "Swimming Lessons" / "Unearthing Song"

Rachel Dilworth: "Why This Poem Is Not about Cancer" / "Calligraphy"

Brian Culhane: "In Which I Rewrite History to Include My Grandfather" / "Museum of the Almost"

Alan Lau: "After Ten Years in America, My Grandmother Decides to Celebrate Tet"

Paul Constant: "Passport" / "a.k.a."

Kathleen Flenniken: "Plot Graph" / "Wings"

Dan Peters: "Vietnamese Lacquer Bowl" / "Breaking the Map"

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In Orbit and Breaking the Map at Blue Begonia Press

Donna Miscolta

Priscilla Long

Alma Garcia

Brian Culhane

Kathleen Flenniken

Kim-An's family and her first book


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