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“The Vis-a-Vis Society is for the poetic analysis of the everyday.” That’s how Sierra Nelson and Rachel Kessler sum up their literary duo. The pair take surveys of their audiences and present their findings in dynamic performances. In this podcast, you’ll hear excerpts from their interview with writers program curator Matt Briggs along with poetic […]

Writer Willie Smith started writing when he was nine. His first love was science, but when he had the opportunity to enter a grade school writing contest, Smith wrote his first short story. From that point forward, Smith was hooked. As a poet and a novelist, Smith has had his writing published in various magazines […]

For Laurie Blauner writing is an exercise that helps her to understand her own thoughts and subsequently herself. She began her writing career as a poet and later explored prose where she could spread out. In this podcast, you’ll hear excerpts from her interview with writers program curator Matt Briggs and selections from her live […]

Cheryl Strayed experienced a range of living situations in her childhood, from apartment living to camping in rural Minnesota. Her mother told her that these experiences would be “character building,” but she didn’t come to truly appreciate them until adulthood. Now her experiences serve as fodder for her writing. In this podcast, you’ll hear excerpts […]

Poet Susan Landgraf wrote a collection of children’s poems inspired by the sea for the Jack Straw Writers Program. In her interview with program curator Matt Briggs, she discusses her childhood love for writing and the freedom she felt in writing these poems for children. A writer and photographer, Susan Landgraf has published more than […]

Poet Anna Maria Hong began her writing career in her 20s and was instinctually drawn to poetry after several years of working in journalism. Hong is a recent Pushcart Prize nominee and National Poetry Series finalist, and has published poems in journals such as Fence, Black Clock, Cranky Literary Journal, Golden Handcuffs Review, Puerto del […]

Doug Nufer is a specialist in literary constraints, a technique that applies certain conditions to or establishes a pattern within writing. Doug is the author of Negativeland (Autonomedia), Never Again (Four Walls Eight Windows/ Black Square), and On the Roast (Chiasmus), all of which came out in 2004, and of The Mudflat Man/ The River […]

Howard W. Robertson, rebelling against the expectations of his upbringing in a rural Oregon mill town, became a poet. In this podcast, Robertson talks with Writers Program curator Matt Briggs about teaching himself how to type and discovering a need to write poetry and stories along the way. You’ll also hear an excerpt from his […]

Poet and publisher Charles Potts was the driving force underneath The Temple Bookstore, The Temple magazine, and The Temple School of Poetry. He received the Distinguished Professional Achievement Award in 1994 from the Alumni Association and the College of Arts and Sciences of Idaho State University. He founded Litmus Inc. in Seattle and Berkeley which […]

Plain-spoken and earnest, Corrina Wycoff writes stories about characters who struggle to survive in an alternate America, a place where drug addicts, teenage mothers, and religious cultists live obliviously to the lure of 401k plans and weekends at the cabin. In this podcast, you’ll hear a portion of her interview with Writers Program curator Matt […]

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