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With her diverse ancestry, Storme Webber brings a unique perspective to the literary world. Her writing allows her to give voice to those who are marginalized due to poverty, race, and sexual orientation. As a multi-disciplinary artist, Storme enlivens her readings with sonorous vocals, deepening the impact of her words. Webber is a writer/poet/performer/visual artist […]

For his Jack Straw residency, Kevin Simmonds brings to life historic figures in his lilting and revealing poetry. His background as a musician and his roots in New Orleans, lend a rhythmic, melancholic sensibility to his work. Among the themes he touches on are rights issues, loss, and sexuality. Simmonds is a musician and writer […]

Madeline Ostrander works global politics into a flowing narrative that hinges on personal stories. Her experiences abroad fill her writing with distinct, tangible scenes with genuine characters. Readers and listeners are forced to contemplate war and responsibility. Ostrander’s articles and essays have been widely published. She is on the steering committee of Seattle Writergrrls and […]

In her rhythmic storytelling, Angela Martinez Dy sketches a snapshot of the social and cultural fabric of her time. Her art, which starts with poetry on the page, becomes a gripping, powerful force in her delivery. She says her writing helps her express who she is and leads to deeper self-understanding. Angela is a poet, […]

Kim-An Lieberman‘s writing is a study on how the media shapes contemporary culture. She uses stories and characters featured in the media in her work. Through poetry, Lieberman is able to create unique, playful portraits of her subjects and continue a long tradition of storytelling. Lieberman is the author of Breaking the Map: Poems (Blue […]

In her writing, Laura Hirschfield explores what’s not said, or what’s missing. She works with the concept of haunting; expressing in words an idea or a voice that inhabits her. Her examination of haunting is revelatory, personal, and poignant. For twenty years, Hirschfield has been an editor and writer of elementary school curriculum materials and […]

In Alma García’s quest to portray the human side of a story, she reaches into the center of her characters to share a delicate intimacy with the reader. Her blend of voices and scenes has a natural rhythm which she attributes to her training as a musician. In her words, she understood how a story […]

In her writing, poet Rachel Dilworth seeks to illuminate new perspectives and understanding through the exploration of voice. Her focus on voice as connected to self, loss of voice, and regaining voice, allows her subjects to be heard in new ways. Dilworth’s first manuscript, The Wild Rose Asylum: Poems of the Magdalen Laundries of Ireland, […]

Years of living and traveling in Europe and a profound interest in the visual arts, inform Michael Magee’s work. His writing, which crosses many disciplines, is full of wit, color, and panache. His dynamic range of subjects and artful turn of phrase are both fresh and entertaining. Magee is a poet, freelance writer, reviewer of […]

In her far-reaching poem, “Rhapsody in Red,” Priscilla Long weaves cultural, political, and scientific threads together in a lyrical statement featuring the color red. Full of historic references and bright imagery, Long’s writing draws the reader through memory and experience. Long’s essays, literary non-fiction works, and poems have been widely published and have garnered several […]

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