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Louise Spiegler lets her imagination take the reins to lead readers through life in early Rome. In her novel, history is intermingled with an engaging plot that’s suitable for both young and adult readers. Her careful research and original characters make for entertaining reading. Spiegler writes fiction for young adults, though she knows the future […]

Through her use of expressive language, Denise Calvetti Michaels creates poignant snapshots of her own experiences and those of others. Her writing takes different forms in order to capture the scene and the sentiment she’s depicting. Translating memories to poetry, Michaels gives voice to beautiful personal stories. Michaels was awarded the Crosscurrents Prize for Poetry […]

Inspired by magical realism, Amber Flame ventures into new territory with her Jack Straw project, creating vignettes that take the reader into the heart of the desert. Her vibrant imagery and earthy tone, make her colorful stories tangible. Flame is an award-winning performance poet, vocalist and educator. Whether exploring rhythmic and harmonic structures as a […]

Roberto Ascalon writes instinctually. He reaches into the core of his subjects and exposes raw emotion. His poems, which flow like essays, reveal an unspoken history, surprising and powerful.  Ascalon is a poet, writer, arts educator, and spoken-word performance artist. Roberto uses his love for the craft of poetry to transform the world that surrounds him. […]

Michael Dylan Welch explores haiku and longer poetry, as well as his own spirited take on the traditional Japanese haiku. He uses Allen Ginsberg’s haiku-derived form of American Sentences to record his family’s witticisms, and he’s written hundreds of haiku-like “neon buddha” poems as “a surreal sort of personal mythology.” Welch’s poems have been published […]

Through her writing, Marjorie Manwaring explores her fascination with the tiny. Keenly observant and uniquely funny, Manwaring creates a sense of nostalgia for gumball machines and tiny dolls. Her short poems lead listeners into the often overlooked world of miniscule things. Manwaring lives in Seattle, where she is a freelance writer and an editor for […]

Poignant and painful, Esther Altshul Helfgott documents the Alzheimer’s experience through poetry. Her writing fragments play a somber melody, both moving and beautiful. While her Jack Straw project focuses on illness, her writing covers a broad range of subject matter, with a penchant for history. Helfgott is a non-fiction writer and poet with a Ph.D. […]

Martha Clarkson writes with humor and an element of surprise. Her unique ideas come to life in short, sharp pieces. Original subject matter and clever delivery make Clarkson’s work widely appealing. Clarkson manages corporate workplace design during the day and is a fiction and poetry writer. Her work can be found in Seattle Review, monkeybicycle, Nimrod, […]

Tara Roth is an adept storyteller who turns to her Armenian family for material. The colorful characters and scenarios are imbued with humor and familiarity. Roth translates her appreciation for her heritage with a witty slant and a touch of nostalgia.  Roth is a musician and writer who is originally from the Chicago area and […]

Rich in detail, including period vocabulary, Bill Carty‘s poems are authentic and engaging.  The retelling of a duel in his hometown of Thomaston, Maine evokes the image of a painting from the era. His writing illustrates history with a timeless and gracious style.  Carty lives in Seattle and teaches at Edmonds Community College. He shares a birthday and initials with our […]

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